“To be a part of nu3’s volunteers has been a gratifying experience, not only because of the interaction with children and their process of learning of a new language, but it has also allowed me to see how a group of motivated and coordinated persons that efficiently work in the Foundation, improve community’s environment, thanks to your contribution”.

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Leyla Cueter

nu3 volunteer

What does it mean to become a volunteer?

Is to acquire a social commitment with a non-profit cause or organization, since this work will not involve any remuneration. You can become a volunteer in different areas, always under a social and community approach. With nu3 you have many possibilities to carry out this selfless work; it will all depend on your availability and the activities that we carry out, based on the comprehensive attention of our beneficiaries.

What type of actions can you carry out as a volunteer?

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Frequent questions

Of course! Nu3 only has two important conditions; the first one is that you must be at least 18 years old and the second is that you have a medium knowledge of the Spanish language. We all have abilities and skills that can be used to positively impact the communities. In order to become a volunteer the most important part is your desire, the passion to help and your commitment. Take into consideration the abilities and knowledge that you have so that you can identify the adequate opportunity to generate social impact.

Of course! Our nu3 volunteer program is very flexible and easily adaptable to volunteer’s availability, abilities and interests. We develop specific activities (one time activities) or those that are carried out every week, biweekly or monthly. We also have the possibility of carrying out long-distance activities through virtual or remote volunteerism.

Yes, as a Social Organization, we are mandated to offer a certificate at the end of your program. You can also request it while you keep working. This certificate will have all your personal data, the progress of the program and a description of the tasks carried out or the duties assumed.

On the right side of this page you can find a subscription format, where you must register your contact information. You can also receive personalized information at:

Cell phone: 3184015625
Email: coop.internacional@nu3.org.co