Bread of Life Bonus

Nu3 is an ally of Fundación Éxito because it helps us to eradicate chronic malnutrition in children under 5 years of age!

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Do you want to contribute to the development of our families?

Bread of Life Bonus

Give a motivational message with this Bread of Life Bonus, to make your loved one feel special, while giving a beneficiary of our nu3 Social Organization a better quality of life.

Bread of Life Condolence

The life of a loved one should be remembered with an act of love and solidarity. Pay tribute to his/her life with a Bread of Life Condolence that will translate into sponsoring a nu3 beneficiary child, teenager, senior or mother, in the name of the deceased.

Frequent questions

A physical bonus similar to the referenced image, that will be provided with personalized information regarding the recipient of the bonus and the information of the beneficiary that will receive your donation, whether it is a child, a pregnant or breastfeeding mother, teenager or senior.

You can acquire a Bread of Life Bonus from $40,000, which is equivalent to the value of sponsoring a beneficiary during a month.