Our publications

Our publications

tunu3 2016 CONGRESS

tunu3 VI Congress, “Childhood Obesity and Malnutrition: The Double Threat” Place: Hotel Dann Carlton, Barranquilla In carrying out its mission, nu3 again

tunu3 2017 CONGRESS

tunu3VII Congress, “Breastfeeding, Nutrition and Development” Place: Salón Jumbo del Country Club For the seventh occasion nu3 organized the Tunu3 congress: Breastfeeding,

tunu3 2018 CONGRESS

Tunu3 VIII Congress “Abuse, Malnutrition and Public Policies” Place: Salón Jumbo del Country Club. nu3 carried out the eighth edition of Tunu3

tunu3 2019 CONGRESS

IX Tunu3 Congress “Healthy life, family and society” Place: Salón Jumbo del Country Club. Nu3 carried out the ninth edition of the


Thank you God for putting nu3 on my path and the opportunity to contribute to this great project that impacts the lives of hundreds of children and their families through excellent nutrition and education programs, carried out by people who love social life. Today more than ever they are doing Homeland, working for the good development of our future generations. Being a part of this fills my heart.

María Gabriela Diago