knu3 2022 RACE

After two years of absence and with more than a thousand attendees, one of the most beloved sporting events in the city returned: knu3. The collection of this version had the objective of contributing to the feeding of 400 children that the organization accompanies in its Integral Centers program in Barranquilla, Malambo and Sitionuevo. Participating in knu3 is a call to action, since in addition to enjoying a pleasant day of physical activity, with their registration the participants contribute to the cause led by nu3 around the eradication of hunger and overcoming poverty.

The athletic race had its usual start from the Gran Malecón, with 12k and 5k routes. It also featured a Danceathon and a super class in bouncing boots. This is how knu3 continues to consolidate itself as a sports and recreational day in the open air, of healthy coexistence, family integration, sports and healthy recreation.

“The support, joy and empathy that we feel at knu3 with you will transcend and leave an immortal mark. Thank you, therefore, thank you for sharing health and well-being to feed body and soul because…. You run… You nu3..


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