IV Congress tunu3, “Healthy life and society”  

Place: Jumbo Lounge of the Country Club – Barranquilla

The organization nu3 held the 9th edition of the Tunu3 Congress “Healthy Life, Family and Society” under the slogan “Nu3 for Life”. It took place on 11 September 2019, bringing together national experts from the public, private and academia sectors to reflect on how to improve the quality of life.

We have the attendance (o puede ser Tambien we have the assistance) of 1,000 people, we share with the FIRST LADY OF THE NATION María Juliana Ruíz. There were topics discussed like: Why are we becoming obese? with Dr. Axel Palencia, Dr. Angelica María Claro, Laura Piedrahita and Dr. Jeniffer Bernal.

We have the participation of our young people from Pesnu3 program of the Integral Center Villanueva and La Chinita, in which they showed their artistic talents. The afternoon ended with Estefania Borge’s conference with her lector about “being and being. Our IX Tunu3 Congress was really a big success.