We want to invite you to join our campaign to support the dreams of our young people, who are participants of the nu3 Social Circus nu3 in Villanueva.

This program is a space for collective empowerment, cooperation, empathy, leadership and trust. We guide young people in a process where they can find the connection with their bodies, strengthen their life project, build community, and get actively involved as agents of change.

Circus social nu3 has reached the heart of Villanueva, and wanted to stay!

We know that you’ve always supported us in our struggle to reduce poverty, in order to achieve a decent life for everyone. That’s why, we invite you to be part of our crowdfunding campaign.

How can you support? By clicking on the link https://vaki.co/circosocialnu3, then donating in the option “Select your support” and, finally, sharing the message and the link for many to join our cause.

We count on you!