nu3 Foundation every year holds a seminar where important topics on child nutrition are discussed



Promotion of Breastfeeding
Place: Convention Center
Gran Boulevard Mall

On November 22 carried out the II Seminar on Food Security and Nutrition: Promotion of Breastfeeding, as part of the actions that nu3 Foundation carries out addressed to the attention of the infants in the district, and in order to create awareness on the importance of mother’s milk during the first phase of children’s lives, as a vital food for children´s growth and development.

The seminar had the participation of ICBF’s National Director, Diego Molano; Luz Angela Artuduanga from UNICEF; Constanza Liliana Alarcón, National Coordinator of the from Zero to Forever Strategy implemented by the Presidency of the Republic; District’s Social Management Secretary, Karen Abudinen; the Secretary of Health, Alma Solano and the President of nu3 Foundation’s Board of Directors, Mónica Schraer.


Social investment for progress
Place: Convention Center
Gran Boulevard Mall

In order to analyze the different strategies to efficiently promote Food Security and Nutrition, and join public and private efforts to eradicate poverty in Colombia, nu3 Foundation and Éxito, in Alliance with Barranquilla’s District Mayor’s Office presented the Seminar on Food Security and Nutrition, Social Investment for Progress.

Approximately 700 persons attended the event, participating in presentations such as: “Model in the attention of infants” presented by the Director of Fundación Éxito, Germán Jaramillo; “Strategies to improve security and Nutrition in infants” by Gilma Olaya, Nutritional Dietician MSc, PhD of the Institute of Child Health. Additionally the Social Management Secretary of the Barranquilla District, Karen Abudinén Abuchaibe presented the local strategies that are being implemented to cover early childhood and eradicate poverty in Barranquilla. There were also other experts in the topic such as Juliana Mutis, General Director of MINKA-DEV (Spain) and Michela Espinosa, Subdirector of Food Security and Nutrition from the DPS, who were part of the invited lecturers.


Public Policies: A Look Towards the Future
Place: Combarranquilla Sede Norte

On November 13, 2014, the nu3 Foundation gathered the best local, national and international advocates, in order to debate on the scourge that is silently ending many lives all over the world: childhood malnutrition and obesity.

In order to raise awareness in the people from Barranquilla on how to improve healthy life styles, we had the presence of extraordinary speakers, among which we can mention Dr. Eduardo Atalah, Dr. Michella Espinosa, head of the Food Security Department of the Social Prosperity Department, Dr. Karen Abudinen, Director of the Infant’s Division of the Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar, Ivan Dario Escobar, Jorge Baxter, Jaime Cespedes, Elvira Chiej, Maria del Pilar Garavito and Maria Consuelo Tarazona. 


Childhood Malnutrition and Obesity
Place: Combarranquilla Sede Country

On September 1st we successfully carried out the V Seminar on Food Security and Nutrition, organized by nu3 Foundation. With an attendance of more than 1,200 Colombians at the Combarranquilla Sede Country facilities, national and international experts revealed their commitment and knowledge in the fight against childhood malnutrition and obesity.

In order to disseminate the impact caused by these illnesses in the social, political and economic areas of the country and the importance of a healthy and nutritional diet for the welfare of everyone, the event had the participation of Jeanette Pardío, Coordinator of the Mexican Health Foundation, Funsalud; Santiago Mazo, FAO’s National Advisor on Food Security and Nutrition; Carlos Velasco, pediatrician, gastroenterologist and dietitian and Professor at the Universidad del Valle; Julieta Ponce, dietitian from the Universidad Autónoma de México, with master in Quality Administration System, with diploma in the Comprehensive Management of Obesity, and others.


VI Congress tunu3 , " Obesity and Child Malnutrition : Double Threat "

Place: Hotel Dann Carlton Barranquilla

In furtherance of its mission, the Foundation nu3 again joins forces to create spaces for reflection on existing strategies and that can be developed to ensure food and nutrition security in vulnerable populations in the country . On September 12 we successfully carried out the VI Congress tunu3 ' Malnutrition and childhood obesity : The double threat ' in the Hotel Dann Carlton Barranquilla.

The event was attended by the first lady of the nation , Maria Clemencia Rodriguez de Santos , the governor of the Atlantico, Eduardo Verano de la Rosa , director of nutrition ICBF , Alejandro Gomez , Secretary of district health , Alma Solano , among others.

Scaling Up Nutrition - SUN


Seventh Congress tunu3, "Breastfeeding, Nutrition and Development"

Place: Country Club Barranquilla Jumbo Hall. 

The nu3 foundation held the Tu nu3 congress for the seventh time. This opportunity, the main topic to discuss was: "Breastfeeding, Nutrition and Development" under the slogan "transform the present". This was held on November 14 at the Jumbo lounge of the Country Club, bringing together people who work in the health sector and the general public with social interests.

National and international experts from the public and private sectors, were part of the day's agenda, to address issues that allow the implementation of a health model that guarantees the improvement of quality of life in vulnerable populations.