More than 200 children recovered from acute malnutrition in the departments of Bolívar and Magdalena


During the first half of 2017, the ICBF Nutrition Recovery program highlights the hard work of the nu3 Foundation at the Nutritional Recovery Centers located in the departments of Bolívar and Magdalena. This strategy aims at nutritional recovery of children under five who are in acute malnutrition.

The children linked to the program receive a daily nutritional supplement with a contribution of approximately 10% VCT, a daily lunch with an approximate contribution of 35% VCT and a monthly food package with a nutritional intake of approximately 40% VCT.

The indicators evaluated correspond to the percentage of nutritional recovery of children between the ages of zero to five years, who belong to the program and have achieved positive results in the quest to increase their levels of nutrition.

Bolivar ranked first, obtaining a percentage of 97.1% and Magdalena the second place corresponding to the 85.3% recovery of their children belonging to the CRN operated by the Foundation nu3.

The interdisciplinary team will continue to work with tenacity and with the seal of quality that identifies them, for the recovery of the children of our country, with the active participation of the family, the community and the articulation of the National System Institutions Of Family Welfare.